Nature Photography Instruction 101
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Welcome to NPN’s Nature Photography 101, a section dedicated to all of those who are just embarking on this wonderful pastime, as well as those who are looking to improve their nature photography.

In this section you will find instructional articles on a variety of nature photography subjects, all designed to improve your skills and introduce you to new techniques. The emphasis of these articles is on technique, not expensive photo gear and accessories. In fact, with few exceptions, the tips and techniques described in these articles can be applied to even the simplest point-and-shoot cameras.

Be sure to check back often as this section will be regularly updated with new material!

Regardless of your present skill level, the type of camera gear you own or the kind of nature photography you enjoy, we are confident that you will find these articles useful and informative!

If you have any questions about the topics covered in these instructional articles, please feel free to post them in the Nature Photography Discussion Forum.

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 Photographic Technique

How To Prepare Your Images For The NPN Forums Using Photoshop Elements by Darwin Wiggett

The Lowly Lens Hood by Rod Barbee

Leveling and Sharpening a Reflection Image by Bob Steele

Perch Improvement by Bob Steele. A simple way to improve your bird photos.

Backyard Bird Photography by Garth McElroy

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts by Michael Gordon

10 Practical uses for the Depth of Field Preview Button by Rod Barbee

Camera Equipment Reviews Read what NPN members have to say about the photo gear they use.

 Exposure and Metering

Controlling Background with a Combination of Exposure and Flash by Bob Steele.

Shoot it RAW by Nick Rains. An explanation of digital-capture RAW files and the benefits of working with them.

Exposure - From One Beginner to Another by Nathan Buck. A look at some fundamentals of exposure and the use of the camera's meter.

 Light and Composition

Compositional Exercise by Paul Faust. Sharpening your eye for better composition.

The Art of Communicating with Light by Darwin Wiggett. Understanding light, and how it affects the look of objects we photograph.

Wildlife Photography - Direction of Light by Jim Erhardt. How the direction of light effects your wildlife photos.

Using Reflectors and Diffusers for Macro Photography by Jim Erhardt. Learn how these simple, inexpensive accessories can make a huge difference in your photography.

Landscape Photography Composition - Part 1 by Guy Tal. Learn to "see" and understand what makes an appealing photo.

Landscape Photography Composition - Part 2 by Guy Tal.

Using Flashlights for Creative Nature Photography by Darwin Wiggett. Spice up your photos with some artificial light!

Filters for Outdoor Photography by Darwin Wiggett. Add some color, excitement and flavor to your photos!

 Large Format & Landscape Photography

Large Format in Nature Photography - Part 1 by Guy Tal. A primer on large format photography.

Large Format and the Digital Process by Guy Tal.

Large Format and Personal Style by Guy Tal.

Large Format Close-Up Photography by Guy Tal.

 Underwater Photography

Getting Started in Underwater Photography by Andrew Dawson. A primer on the incredible nature photography found under the water's surface.

 Putting Your Nature Photography to Work

Photo-lobbying - a New Way to Get Your Voice Heard by Niall Benvie. How to use your nature photography for causes you believe in.

Selling Your Stock Photography by Charlie Borland. Advice from a full time stock photography pro on how to negotiate a fair price for your the use of work.