Nature Photography Camera Gear Reviews
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Cameras/Camera Bodies

Fuji X100s Camera Review by Alain Briot

Olympus E-5 Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera by Jim DeWitt

Canon G11 A Worthy Upgrade? by Jim Erhardt

Pentax K7 : A Field Review by Carl Battreall

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Review by Ian Plant

Canon G10 A Hands-On Real-World Review by Guy Tal

Canon G9
by Darwin Wigget (August, 2002)

Kodak DCS ProBack
by Darwin Wigget (August, 2002)

Digilux 1 & Televid 77: Leica's Digiscoping Package
by David Burren (July, 2002)

Canon 1D Digital SLR
by E.J. Peiker (February, 2002)

Canon D30 Digital SLR
by Ellen Anon (April, 2001)

Canon EOS Elan 7E
by Jim Erhardt (March, 2001)

Nikon D1
by Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph (November, 2000)

Canon EOS 1n SLR
by Jim Erhardt (April, 2000)

Nikon D1 Digital SLR
by Moose Peterson (April, 2000)

Lenses, Binoculars and Optics

Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM Lens Review
by Richard Bernabe.

Carson XM Series Binoculars
by Jim Erhardt and Bob Steele.

Sigma APO 15-30mm f/3.5-4.5 EX Aspherical DF DG
by Omar Attum (June, 2002)

Sigma 100-300/4 HSM EX
by Jim Erhardt (October, 2001)

Sigma 300/2.8 HSM EX
by Jim Erhardt (January, 2001)

PC Micro-Nikkor 85/2.8
by NPN Reader Kevin Dobler (September, 2000)

Canon 50/1.4 USM
by Jim Erhardt (July, 2000)

Sigma 70-200/2.8 HSM EX
by NPN Reader Mike Giuliani (June, 2000)

Sigma 500/4.5 HSM EX
by Jim Erhardt (May, 2000)

Nikon 300/2.8 AF-S
by Larry Castiglia (April, 2000)

Tokina 100-300/4 AT-X
by John Herbst (April, 2000)

Flashguns, Flash Brackets and Lighting Equipment

Mike Moats Macro Kit. Review by Varina Patel.

See the Light Streamlight Septor and Twin-Task lights. Review by Jim Erhardt.

Photo Accessory Review - Streamlight Stylus by Jim Erhardt.

Nikon SB-29 Speedlight
by Larry Castiglia (September, 2000)

Camera Supports

Black Rapid RS-4 Camera Strap by Varina Patel.

The Wimberley Sidekick Revisited by Bob Steele.

Kirk's BH-3 Ballhead
by Jim and Donna Erhardt (February, 2002)

Kirk's BH-1 Ballhead
by Jim Erhardt (September, 2001)

by Bill Horn (July, 2000)

Digital Hardware and Darkroom

Plustek 7600i Ai, Film Scanner by Ezra Schultz.

Puget Systems Computers - A Buyer's Experience by Jim Erhardt.

Microtek M1 Pro Review by Guy Tal.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III: A Quick Review by Jim Hutchison.

Camera Bags, Backpacks and Photo Vests

LensCoat RainCoat Pro by Brad Hill (December 2011)

Gear Review: Tilopa Mountain Series Photo Backpack by Richard Bernabe (January 2011)

LensCoatTM Telephoto Lens Covers
by Garth McElroy (February 2006)

The Vested Interest Photo Vest
by Jim Erhardt (October 2005)

Lowepro DryZone 200
by Buzz Bryson (July, 2002)

Lowepro Bags for Digital Photography
by John Herbst (July, 2000)

Lowepro Bags
by John Herbst (May, 2000)


Sea & Sea NX100 Housing
New product preview by Dan Neri (August, 2000)

Book Reviews

A Non-Birder's Guide to Bird Field Guides Reviews by Jim DeWitt and Richard Ditch.

Close-up on Insects - A Photographer's Guide A book by Robert Thompson. Review by Terri Norris.

Book Review - Bird Hand Book a book review by Tere Hendricks.

Flower Portraits: The Life Cycle of Beauty reviewed by Tere Hendricks

Incredible Vision; The Wildlands of Greater Yellowstone reviewed by Jim Erhardt

Stranger in the Woods reviewed by Jerry and Barbara Jividen

Reef Fish Identification Florida-Caribbean-Bahamas by Paul Humann, reviewed by Barbara Henneke

Reef Creature Identification Florida-Caribbean-Bahamas by Paul Humann, reviewed by Barbara Henneke

Reef Coral Identification Florida-Caribbean-Bahamas by Paul Humann, reviewed by Barbara Henneke

2002 Photographer's Market reviewed by Jerry and Barbara Jividen

Natural Visions-Creative Tips for Wildlife Photography by Heather Angel, reviewed by Barbara Jividen

The Sibley Guide to Birds
by David Sibley, reviewed by Bill Horn (April, 2001)

The Art of Nature Photography: Perfect Your Pictures In-Camera and In-Computer
by Niall Benvie, reviewed by Donna Bollenbach (April, 2001)

Florida's Unsung Wilderness: The Swamps
by Connie Bransilver and Larry Richardson, reviewed by Peter Burian (January, 2001)