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Incredible Vision
The Wildlands of Greater Yellowstone

Review by Jim Erhardt. All rights reserved.

Buy this book at Incredible Vision – The Wildlands of Greater Yellowstone
by Pete and Alice Bengeyfield, forward by Paul Schullery.
Soft cover, 140 pages.
Dimensions (in inches): 0.47 x 8.54 x 9.64.
Published by Riverbend (May 2003).
ISBN: 1931832250
Price: $22.95

Pete Bengeyfield has been a regular contributor to Nature Photographers Online Magazine, and a regular participant in the NPN forums. So when the opportunity arose to review this book, I thought that there wouldn’t be much to take me by surprise. I was wrong.

Immediately upon opening the book, I was positively awed by the imagery it contains. I already knew that Pete is a gifted nature photographer, but the plates in this book are spell-binding. I suddenly realized that the “electronic” images Pete has displayed in the NPN forums do not even remotely do justice to his skill and talent as a photographer. The quality of the image presentation in Incredible Vision - The Wildlands of Greater Yellowstone is indeed incredible, and has given me a new appreciation for the work of Pete and his wife Alice.

Along with the stunning imagery, the book covers many aspects of Yellowstone. Since Pete is a hydrologist, it comes as no surprise that the geological features of Yellowstone are covered, as is the ecology and the politics of conservation that have shaped Yellowstone and its ecosystems. Great reading and extraordinary viewing, Pete and Alice provide a unique, engaging and informed presentation of the famous national park.

Incredible Vision - The Wildlands of Greater Yellowstone is highly recommended.

Jim -NPN 001

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