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Streamlight Stylus

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OK, I admit it – an “equipment review” of a small flashlight (or “torch” as our U.K. members refer to them) is not exactly as exciting as a review of the latest DSLR that just hit the market. I will also admit that I have a bit of a fascination with high quality flashlights. The Streamlight Stylus is definitely one of the highest quality, most useful accessories I have ever used, so I offer this review.

Back when my son was in high school and participating in school theater, I would set up in the back of the auditorium with my Canon EOS A2, EF 300/4L and Bogen tripod. Of course, flash was not permitted, so the A2 was loaded with 800-speed print film. I always managed to capture some wonderful memories on film of my son and his friends on stage, but whenever it came time to reload, it was a struggle to do so in the dark. At the time, I lamented on how convenient it would be to have one of those pen-style lights that could be kept handy in a shirt pocket, something that would allow me to see what I was doing without creating a distraction.

The Stylus is touted by Streamlight as “a lighting tool for the 21st century.” No larger than an ordinary ball point pen and weighing 1.1 ounces, the Stylus uses three AAAA batteries to power a LED (light emitting diode). The energy-efficient LED has a 100,000-hour rated life and produces more than enough light to enable setting up your camera gear in darkness. In fact, the Stylus produces an amazing amount of light for its size.

Featuring 6000 series tempered aircraft aluminum construction with anodized finish, the waterproof Stylus offers both momentary switching and constant-on switching. A push of the button on the top of the Stylus activates the light in momentary mode – it turns off as soon as the button is released. The Stylus can be activated in constant-on mode by turning the battery compartment cap at the top. The Stylus is supplied with a durable plastic tip that not only protects the LED, but also serves as a “snoot” to create a narrow beam of light, three Eveready Energizer “Titanium-e” alkaline AAAA batteries, a pocket clip and the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Additional information on all Streamlight products can be found on their website at The Stylus is in-stock and ready for immediate delivery in the NPN Gift Shoppe.

This year, when Miss Emily gets on stage, I will no longer have to fumble in the dark – my Stylus penlight will be at the ready!

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