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Sea & Sea NX-100 Housing

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Sea & Sea Underwater Photography has done it again. The newest addition to their line of outstanding Underwater Camera equipment is the NX-100 Pro Housing for Nikonís popular F-100 SLR. Made from aluminum alloy, the housing is sleek and lightweight and gives you incredible control of the camera. The power switch, shutter release, main command dial, sub-command dial, focus mode selector, custom setting button, AE/AF lock button, focus area selector, film advance mode selector, auto bracketing button, exposure mode button, exposure compensation button, flash sync mode button, and ISO film speed button can all be accessed by using Sea & Seaís One Touch, Self-Locking Button System.

Dual Bulk-heads allow you to use any of Sea & Sea Underwater Strobes. There is also an accessory bulk-head connector that allows you to use an electronic shutter-activated autofocus assist light, helpful when doing macro work in low-light situations.

Both the thumb-controlled focus area selector and the AF lock lever are at your service without taking your hand off the grip or your eye from the viewfinder. Your right thumb controls the focus point selector and by using a remote control, Sea & Sea placed the AF/AE Lock button on the left side of the Housing, freeing up the right index finger for the shutter-release.

The housing is depth-rated to 250ft, and can accept Lenses from the Ultra-Wide Nikkor 16mm Fish-eye to the Sigma 180mm Macro or the Micro Nikkor 105mm with a TC-20e Converter. If you choose to manually focus, gears that go around the Lens mesh up nicely to the Focus control knobs that give you positive, smooth operation. Zoom and Aperture gears are also available.

Sea & Sea uses a very easy to install Quick-Shoe to positively lock the camera in the Housing. And a nice safety feature is the battery powered leak detector that lights a small red light at the slightest touch of moisture.

By allowing control of nearly all of the F-100ís functions, the NX-100 Pro Housing will undoubtedly perform well up to the expectations of the Professional.

Contact your local Sea & Sea authorized dealer for pricing and availability.


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