NPN Top Nature Photos
Presented by the Nature Photographers Network™

NPN's Weekly Picks, Photos of the Month and the annual Editorís Pick Awards celebrates excellence in nature photography by recognizing the best of the extraordinary nature photos posted in NPN's image critique galleries. Every week, the NPN moderators pick one of our member's photos (posted from Sunday, 12:00 AM EST through Saturday, 11:59 PM EST) for display in WP/POTM Gallery from each of the following image critique galleries:

The Weekly Picks are selected using the following criteria:

The weekly pick images are then archived in the Weekly Picks Gallery for permanent display on the NPN web site. Photos in the Weekly Picks gallery are eligible for the yearly Editor's Pick Awards.

Previous Editor's Pick Awards winners;


  1. All weekly picks and annual EPA winners must be current Nature Photographers Network™ members.
  2. All images must be initially posted in one of the nine NPN image critique galleries in order to be considered for the weekly picks.
  3. All winning images to be selected from the Weekly Picks Gallery by the NPN staff.
  4. NPN staff (as listed on the NPN staff masthead on the About NPN) page, program sponsors and their family members are ineligible.
  5. No multiple winners - a different photographer will be selected for each of the 3 places in each of the 10 categories.
  6. Winners grant the right to Nature Photographers Online Magazine to use image (with accompanying photo credit) for promotional purposes.
  7. All rights remain entirely with the photographer.

If you have any questions regarding the weekly picks or the yearly Editor's Pick Awards, please contact us