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Editor's Pick Awards 2002

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The Editor’s Picks have become a NPN tradition. Since we began the weekly recognition in 2001, the number of extraordinary nature images posted on the NPN web site has grown dramatically, making the process of selecting just a single image every week from each of the image critique galleries a formidable task. I guess it came as no surprise that when we had to pick the “best of the best” for the Editor’s Pick Awards, the process was incredibly difficult.

The final selections were based on the recommendations of the NPN staff. Unfortunately, a few images were disqualified due to the fact that the photographer was not a member of the Nature Photographers Network, as stipulated in the Editor’s Pick Awards rules.

Final Note - Due to the large number of superb images in each category, we added a 1st and 2nd Honorable Mention to the prize package. All of the winning images can be viewed in the Editor's Picks 2002 Gallery

So here they are, our choices for the best images on NPN in 2002, and quite possibly, the best nature images to be found anywhere!

The Best of the Best - 2002
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Avian Gallery

First Place Winner - Great Gray Owl in Snowstorm by Jim Zipp

"An image I could only dream of having in my portfolio. Simply stunning."    Bob Steele

1st Honorable Mention - Black Skimmer Jamaica Bay by Jim Galletto

2nd Honorable Mention - Northern Harrier - Male, Landing by Bob Steele

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Earth, Sea & Sky Gallery

First Place Winner - Icing on the Cake by Adam Gibbs

"Technically and aesthetically perfect. You're one of the photographers I seek out in this forum due to the high quality of your work (as seen here)."    Michael Gordon

1st Honorable Mention - Another Lake Abstract by Eric Fredine

2nd Honorable Mention - Early Morning Rays by Jenny Ellerbe

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Fauna & Flora Gallery

First Place Winner - Polar Drama by D. Robert Franz

"Very powerful and dramatic image. One of the best I've seen on NPN in every respect."    Guy Tal

1st Honorable Mention - Shoot the Fight by Anthony Medici

2nd Honorable Mention - Red Fox - (UK) by Phil Shaw

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Macro Gallery

First Place Winner - Drops of Gold by Mark Graf

"Just magic again from the eyes of Mark - your mind and talent just shows with every shot in all sorts of subjects."    Danny Young

1st Honorable Mention - Inside the Carnation by Danny Young

2nd Honorable Mention - Amphipods by Lisa Page

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Man & Nature Gallery

First Place Winner - Lightning! by Lori Kincaid

"This is truely remarkable. This is absolutely the most exciting photograph I've seen in a long time."    Pete Dickson

1st Honorable Mention - Ambassador Among Sumacs by Ted Simonett

2nd Honorable Mention - Red-eyed Thumb Frog by Cheryl Ertelt

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Scenic Gallery

First Place Winner - A Powerful Landscape by Guy Edwardes

"You're the master of misty scenes and this is a image which works well for me. I like the simple composition and quality of the light, and the way the pylons disect the frame is really well seen."    Geoff Simpson

1st Honorable Mention - Sunset and Tall Ship, Lake Erie by Ethan Meleg

2nd Honorable Mention - Lightning Storm Over Campus by Kyle Gerstner

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Underwater Gallery

First Place Winner - Volitans by Andy Heath

"Great timing in catching the fish in front of that sea fan!"    Mark Graf

1st Honorable Mention - Sponge Brittle Star by Tony Henneke

2nd Honorable Mention - Orange Cub Coral by Richard Hogg

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Weekly Challenge Gallery

First Place Winner - Three Ibis x3 by Steve sage

"Very creative, and quite well done. I am fascinated by this clever creation, and would never have even thought of such a possibility."    Richard Ditch

1st Honorable Mention - Charlotte by Betty Frazier

2nd Honorable Mention - Mushroom and Elm Leaf! by Craig Thompson

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What They Won

Along with the admiration and respect of the NPN staff, members and readers, this year's winners were awarded the following -

First Place Winners

Each of the 1st and 2nd Honorable Mention winners received the following -

  • One special addition Editor's Pick Award Winner NPN Field Cap
  • A 1-year Nature Photographers Network renewal
  • One Editor's Pick Awards Certificate, suitable for framing

In total, over $7,000.00 in awards were distributed in the 2002 Editor's Pick Awards!

Our sincere thanks to Wimberley, Kirk Enterprises and PKZSoftware for sponsoring the 2002 Editor's Picks Awards, and for their continung support in the 2003 program.

So what's in store for 2003? More extraordinary nature photography to be certain, and a prize package valued at over $11,000 at the time this article was written! See you in the NPN image critique galleries!

Comments on NPN nature and wildlife photography articles? Send them to the editor.

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