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Nature Photographers Network™
Membership Information

Established in April of 2000, NPN is an online resource dedicated to the art and technique of nature photography.

As a true "mom and pop" shop, we have no board of directors, Wall Street share holders, venture capitalists or big-name advertising clients that we are beholden to. NPN is wholly supported by membership, which is our lifeblood and we serve to the very best of our abilities.

NPN membership offers photography enthusiasts benefits that the impersonal, lost-in-the-crowd social media and high-volume mega-photo sites cannot;

  • 100% nature photography 100% of the time - no offensive "glamour" photos or distracting, insult-ridden "current event" debates

  • A close-knit community environment where creativity and personal/professional development are cultivated

  • Objective, honest critique of your photos and the powerful learning opportunity of providing thoughtful, well-written photo critique for others

  • High quality display of your photos, up to 1600 pixel/1 MB file sizes allowed

  • Informative, congenial interaction with fellow nature photographers

  • A respected online nature photography resource for over 15 years

  • Read our commentary Defining NPN to learn more

  • View our Why Nature Photography Audio Slideshows to get inspired!

Membership Prerequisites

Though there are no actual "prerequisites" to becoming a NPN member, we do suggest the following;

  • A desire to develop your photography skills through the give-and-take process of photo critique

  • A digital camera system with interchangeable lenses and the ability to set aperture and shutter speed

  • A camera tripod

  • Basic knowledge of Internet use and navigation

  • A photo editing program such as a version of Adobe Photoshop or comparable

  • A word processing program for development of photo critique writing skills

Membership Options

For your convenience we offer several options;

  1. Free 30-day trial membership - details
  2. Premium 1-year membership - details
  3. Premium 3-year membership - details

Thank-you for your interest in NPN membership, we hope you will join us! See below for additional information or please be sure to contact us with your membership questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Jim and Donna Erhardt
Nature Photographers Network™

Complete List of Membership Benefits
  • Site log-in for full posting and viewing privileges with no banner advertisements

  • Full posting access to our public discussion forums, image critique galleries and article comments sections.

  • Full viewing and posting access to our member-only discussion and technical forums.

  • Member-only discounts;

  • Nature photography awards and recognition;

  • Publish your nature photography articles - eligibility for publication of articles and reviews on the NPN website (contingent on acceptance of article). If the article is selected for publication, the member receives a complimentary one-year extension of their NPN membership.

  • List your personal camera gear for sale in our Member Classifieds Forum.

Shop for Nature Photography Products
  • Promote your photo products and services in the Nature Photographers Store.

  • A 120-image portfolio on is an online resource for stock photography buyers, and for both amateur and professional photographers specializing in nature, wildlife, adventure, travel and sports photography. Its mission is two-fold; to provide a means for photographers to showcase and share their work with others in an elegant and professional fashion, and to serve as a conduit between photographer and photo buyer. is a unique blend of online photographer portfolio and online image catalog that currently receives over a quarter-million page views per month. Photo-buying clients who have come to looking for outstanding nature imagery includes National Geographic Magazine, Hewlett-Packard, Canadian Geographic, Ducks Unlimited, HarperCollins, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Wild River Press as well as numerous requests from individual buyers.

    "I have been a member of NPN since about October 2003. Without a doubt I feel it has been the best investment in photography I have made. Through reading the articles and posted topics I have learned how to best utilize my equipment. I have learned how to evaluate what is the best equipment for my needs and have learned how to use PhotoShop to best advantage.

    "By posting my own images and receiving constructive critiques I have learned how to improve my images. My friends and family are amazed at the improvement in my photography.

    "In short, I tell everyone I can that by participating in NPN I have essentially been taking a graduate course in photography. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in high level nature photography."

    Dr. Edward V. Cordes, NPN 1106

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  • Member referral program - Refer a new member to the Nature Photographers Network™ and receive a $10.00 referral fee, paid to your PayPal account! A field is provided in the new member PayPal links below and a space on the Nature Photographers Network™ Membership Application/Renewal Form for the new member to note referrer’s name.

  • Tips on how to get the most out of your NPN membership.

Join the Nature Photographers Network™ today!

Complimentary Memberships

  1. Write an article or review and if selected for publication, you will recieve a 1-year membership in exchange for non-exclusive rights to publish your article on the NPN website (current NPN members will receive a 1-year renewal). Read our Submission Guidelines.

Additionally, current NPN members receive a $10.00 referral fee (paid to their PayPal account) for each new member they refer!

Paid Memberships

Multiple membership options to choose from! Pay by credit card, check/money order or with your PayPal account:

  1. Free 30-day trial membership - details
  2. Premium 1-year membership - details
  3. Premium 3-year membership - details
  4. Already a member? Membership Renewal Options and Information - details

Upon joining the Nature Photographers Network™ using the new member links above, a "Welcome to the Nature Photographers Network!" email will be sent within 24 hours to the email address you have registered with PayPal. This email will include your 14-digit membership number that is required to register and post in the NPN forums and galleries.

***Please contact us if you do not receive your welcome email within 24 hours!***

Questions about NPN membership? Contact us!

Thank-you for joining the Nature Photographers Network™!

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