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Editor's Pick Awards 2004

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All rights reserved.

Once again, the ďEPAĒ for 2004 was just as difficult as the previous two years - trying to narrow down 400 editorís pick photos to just 24 was a daunting task. In each and every category, there were many photos that could have just as easily won. As in previous years, the final selections were made somewhat easier by the fact that some of the photos in contention were posted by people who were not paid NPN members as stipulated in the EPA rules. That said, the winning images shown below are indeed very representative of the incredible work regularly posted on NPN!

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all of the NPN moderators, whose tireless efforts in 2004 made these awards possible. And of course, our sincere thanks to each and every one of you for posting your work on NPN!

Now on to the "best of the best" in 2004. Congratulations to this year's winners!

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Avian Gallery

First Place Winner - Kirtland's Warbler by Robert Royse

"If this isn't the best shot of this endangered species that exists, I'll be surprised. A hearty congratulations to you."    Bob Steele

1st Honorable Mention - American Kestrel by Jim Zipp

2nd Honorable Mention - Mating Golden Eagle by Renee de Heer

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Earth, Sea & Sky Gallery

First Place Winner - Sandstone Slither by Tony Kuyper

"Tony, this is stunning. One of the best intimate landscapes I have seen, and I do mean that in the widest possible context."    Guy Tal

1st Honorable Mention - Sequioa Trunks and Beams by Danny Burk

2nd Honorable Mention - Silent Lucidity by Bret Edge

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Fauna Gallery

First Place Winner - Arctic Fox Cub Waking Up by Jasper Doest

"Excellent. I'm envious of your experience - to say nothing of the shot!"    Pete Bengeyfield

1st Honorable Mention - Downpour by Marsel van Oosten

2nd Honorable Mention - Siblings by Robert Ganz

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Flora Gallery

First Place Winner - Radish Flower by Richard Loader

"A really excellent and very enjoyable image. The three water drops towards the tips of the petals really grab one attention, making a lovely triangle that leads the eye into the shot. Quite simply a wonderful image."    Matthew Pugh

1st Honorable Mention - Fern On Burn by Mike Moats

2nd Honorable Mention - Desert Phlox by Mark Hudon

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Macro/Close-up Gallery

First Place Winner - Dragonfly in Flight, Green Darner by Daniella Theoret

"I've seen a lot of shots of this species in flight and this is right up there with the best of them, nice job."    Ronnie Gaubert

1st Honorable Mention - Crab Spider by Jay Barnes

2nd Honorable Mention - 1001 Sunrises by Doug Benner

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Man & Nature Gallery

First Place Winner - The Nature Photographer by Ned Fenimore

"Ned, you are the waterfall master. Well done, again!"    Ross Wordhouse

1st Honorable Mention - Palouse Farmlands by Joe Kayne

2nd Honorable Mention - Winter at Mabry Hill by Jerry Greer

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Photo Art Gallery

First Place Winner - Autumn in the Park by Cindy Germek

"Fantastic shot! I love the depth of focus you achieved here...this one pulls me right into the frame."    Cindy Mead

1st Honorable Mention - Magnolia Bloom in Washington D.C. by Elizabeth Kimes

2nd Honorable Mention - St. Helens Wildflowers by Zack Schnepf

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Weekly Challenge Gallery

First Place Winner - WC #123 Teewinot by William Brozy

"Goodness... this is really magical!! I love photos with almost surreal layers like this. Clouds can be our best friends, right? Couldn't be better in my opinion!"    Arthur Sevestre

1st Honorable Mention - WC #151 Anthracite Range by Adam Schallau

2nd Honorable Mention - WC #134 Self Portrait by Phillip Noll

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What They Won

First Place Winner -

1st Honorable Mention -

2nd Honorable Mention -

In total, over $9,900.00 in awards were distributed in the 2004 Editor's Pick Awards!

Our sincere thanks to the 2004 Editor's Picks Awards sponsors - Wimberley, Kirk Enterprises, Vested Interest, Hunt's Photo and Video, Photoflex, Kinesis Photo Gear and PhotoLibrary Software.

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