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Editor's Pick Awards 2006

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Another year of outstanding nature photography posted on the NPN website!

Each week over the course of the year, the NPN image critique gallery moderators make the selection for the best photo of the week in their respective galleries. These photos are then placed in the Moderatorsí Picks Gallery, making them eligible for the yearly Editorís Pick Awards. As was the case in previous years, picking these 24 photos from the 400 selected this year and displayed in the Moderators' Picks Gallery was no easy task.

Congratulations to this year's winners, and our sincere thanks to all of our members for your participation on NPN!

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Avian Gallery

First Place Winner - Bosque Mist by Keith Bauer

1st Honorable Mention - Snowy Owl in Flight Turn by David Hemmings

2nd Honorable Mention - Calliope by Ed Dubois

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Earth, Sea & Sky Gallery

First Place Winner - Magic Mountain by Marc Adamus

1st Honorable Mention - Triglav Autumn by Verena and Georg Popp

2nd Honorable Mention - Glorious Sunrise by Bill Chambers

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Fauna Gallery

First Place Winner - Giraffe by Marsel van Oosten

1st Honorable Mention - Seconds to Live by Graeme Guy

2nd Honorable Mention - Mule Deer Buck by Todd Caudle

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Flora Gallery

First Place Winner - Weeping Japanese Maple by Steve Zimic

1st Honorable Mention - Dewey Feather by Mike Moats

2nd Honorable Mention - Rough Fruited Cinquefoil by Jim Salge

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Macro/Close-up Gallery

First Place Winner - Spider Web 1 by Leann Greene

1st Honorable Mention - Delicacies of dawn... by Jeremy Cram

2nd Honorable Mention - For Spark by William Brozy

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Man & Nature Gallery

First Place Winner - L'Oceanographic by David Clapp

1st Honorable Mention - Dreamy Day by Rick Lundh

2nd Honorable Mention - Jurassic View by Ian Cameron

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Photo Art Gallery

First Place Winner - Through the Looking Glass by Bill Fach

1st Honorable Mention - Spring Flowers by Larry Lynch

2nd Honorable Mention - Roundup! by Richard Shaffer

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Weekly Challenge Gallery

First Place Winner - WC #231 - Moon Rise Over El Cap by Zack Schnepf

1st Honorable Mention - WC #247 - The Ice Cavern by Michael Anderson

2nd Honorable Mention - WC #239 - Misty Harbor Morning by Gary Minish

Weekly Challenge Themes

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What They Won

First Place Winner -

1st Honorable Mention -

2nd Honorable Mention -

Our sincere thanks to the NPN moderators for their help in making these selections, and to the 2006 Editor's Picks Awards sponsors.

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