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Nature Photographers Network™
Article Submission Guidelines

We welcome all nature photography enthusiasts to submit their articles for publication on Nature Photographers Online Magazine!

Here are the types of articles we are looking for;

  • Articles on photographic technique

  • Reviews of cameras, lenses or any gear used for nature photography - Reviews Archives

  • Reviews of camping or hiking gear

  • Reviews of locations that are ideal for nature photography - Photo Itineraries

  • General interest articles that pertain to outdoor and nature photography

Check out the NPN Articles & Reviews index page to get an idea of the kind of articles we publish!

General Guidelines

When evaluating submissions, NPN editors look for fresh and interesting articles accompanied by outstanding images that support the text. The writing should be clear and concise. Also;

  • Original articles that have not been previously published elsewhere

  • The article should be at least 800 words in length, but no longer than 1500 words. Articles that are well-written and thoroughly proofread have the greatest chance of being accepted for publication!

  • The article should be submitted with at least one photo for every 200 words of text length. Articles submitted with high quality photos have the greatest chance of being accepted for publication!

  • The article should include a short bio of the author and one photo of the author, and may include link(s) to the author's website(s)

How to submit your article;

  • All articles should be submitted via e-mail to

  • Text should be submitted as a .txt or MS Word .doc file

  • Photos should attached separately, not imbedded in the text file

  • Photos should be sized to 800 pixels on the longest side (72 dpi or use the "save for web" function) and saved in JPEG format with minimal compression ("high quality")

By submitting your article to Nature Photographers Online Magazine ("NPN"), you agree to the following;

  1. You license NPN First World Electric Rights for a period of 6 months. You may, however, publish the article on your peronal website or blog at any time.

  2. You license NPN non-exclusive Secondary World Electronic Rights to keep your article or review archived on NPN indefinitely

  3. You declare that you are the sole owner of the rights to the photo(s) and/or text submitted

  4. You agree that NPN editors reserve the right to edit all submissions for grammar and structure

  5. You agree that NPN editors reserve the right to make minor adjustments to photos, including but not limited to resizing, adding borders and/or drop shadows for display on the site

  6. You agree not to hold NPN liable for any unauthorized reproduction of your photo(s) or subsequent damage as a result of your article being displayed on NPN

  7. You have read and accepted NPN's Terms of Service

  8. Upon receipt of your submission, NPN will notify you via e-mail within 30 days if it is accepted for publication

  9. In exchange for these rights NPN will provide you with a complimentary 1-year membership to the Nature Photographers Network™. If you are already a member, your membership will be extended by one year.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an article proposal, contact us at

We look forward to publishing your work!

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