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Welcome to NPN's nature photo galleries, photo critique and discussion forums. The galleries and forums can be accessed via the Reader's Forum link to the left.


These nature photo galleries and photography discussion forums are best viewed with a monitor resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher using the latest versions of the Internet Explorer, Netscape or Opera browsers for PC; Safari or Mozilla browsers for Mac. Javascript is used sparingly for mouse-over effects and for the Forum Index navigation drop-down menu. It is therefore recommended you have javascript enabled in your browser. To help preserve page formatting, optimum browser font size setting is "medium" or "100%."


In order to post comments, topics or photos in these forums, you will need to register - once for the NPN, TPN and discussion forums (UBB.x bulletin board) and once for the NPN/TPN photo galleries -

  1. Register here to post in the the NPN/TPN discussion forums (Infopop UBB.x bulletin board) first. Use the Login/Join link in the top-right corner of the screen. Be sure to register a valid email address!
  2. Register here to post in the NPN/TPN photo galleries. Be sure to register a valid email address!

Registration Notes -

  1. For the sake of simplicity, we recommend registering the same user name and password for both the discussion forums and photo galleries.
  2. Before using the NPN forums, please review the Posting Guidelines.
  3. For ease of logging on to these forums, information on setting cookie preferences in your browser can be found here (thanks Tom Webster!). If you continue to experience any log on problems, please contact us at

Posting in the Forums

If after registering you have difficulty posting images or comments in the forums, try the following -

  1. Delete all cookies. Be sure you have your user name/password information recorded for all sites you visit.
  2. Set browser security no higher than medium (in Internet Explorer, Tools > Internet Options > Security).

If after trying the procedure above you still experience difficulty, please contact us for assistance.

Forum Navigation

A variety of menus and links are provided for navigation -

  • Forum Page Header (refer to header at the top of this page) -
    1. The Forum Index on the left side of the header opens a pop-up window with a comprehensive list of links, with the new page appearing back on the main screen and the Forum Index menu closing automatically. A non-closing version of the Forum Index can be also selected.
    2. The "Nature Photographers Online Magazine" graphic is a link to the Front Page of the site
    3. The icon on the far right is a link to the NPN Site Map, a complete listing of links
  • A selection of standard text links are provided on the bottom of each forum page
  •   The UBB.x menu (discussion forums only) is accessed through the small "house" icon
  • Additional information on using the NPN nature photo galleries, including detailed information on posting photos and comments, can be found on the Forum Help page

    PhotoPortfolios Icon Link

Paid NPN members and PhotoPortfolios subscribers can establish an icon link to their portfolios in the NPN image critique forums by doing the following -

1. Log on to PhotoPortfolios. From the main page in the Member Resources section, Manage Portfolio > Edit Your Preferences. On the Edit Your Preferences screen, you will see the following -

Direct URL to your portfolio (case-sensitive, only characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and _ allowed):

The box after will by default show your log-in name. You can change this to something else if you would like - case-sensitive, only characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and _ allowed. Record the log-in name in the box (or place it on your clipboard), and then close the screen. If you changed the log-in name to something else, be sure to hit the "Submit Registration Information" button to update this value.

2. Log on the NPN image critique forums. From any of the thumbnail pages, click the Preferences link in the navigation bar above the thumbnails. On this screen, you will see the following -

By default, the box will be empty on this page. Simply type in the same name that was entered in the box on the PhotoPortfolios screen (or right-click and paste if you placed it on your clipboard) and then click the "Submit Registration Information" button. Your portfolio icon should now appear. The entire URL can also be used as a direct link to your portfolio from another website. For example, mine is ("canonshooter" is what I have entered in the box).

Note - If you change the name in the box at a later date, the portfolio link will only work correctly on all new posts in the forums.

If you have any questions about using the NPN nature photo galleries and photography discussion forums, please contact us at

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