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Landscape photography is both challenging and an extremely rewarding genre of nature photography.

  Photo © Richard Bernabe

  Photo © Richard Bernabe

Rarely does blind luck alone lead to captivating or evocative landscape photography. Snapshots of the landscape taken from a car window or the side of the trail seldom translate into images that stir the soul or the imagination. Planning, scouting, perfect timing and a little bit of luck, all contribute to getting consistent successes.

The good news is that landscape photography doesn’t require any highly specialized equipment like wildlife or macro photography, for example. In fact, a camera body and a kit lens is more than enough to get started. The closest essential piece of equipment that is extra is a good, sturdy tripod. Landscape photography is often all about using small apertures and relatively long shutter speeds in low light, so stabilization is essential.

More than any other type of photography, landscape photography requires the greatest attention to the direction, intensity, and color of the available natural light. Choosing or waiting for the right light and paying attention to how it falls on the land is essential to creating powerful and meaning landscape images. Patience is a personal trait that will serve you well.

In addition to light, close attention to composition is paramount to good results. Keeping the primary focal point from the center, using the Rule of Thirds, and incorporating the use of lines in the composition, all can contribute to the perceived flow, balance, and aesthetic value of the image. These suggestions are simply guidelines and often must be broken to be successful, but they are good places to start.

Landscape Photography can be difficult to truly master, but the rewards of each success are often the most powerful and inspiring images.

In the links below, you will find the work of some of the world’s most talented and skilled landscape photographers. Their techniques and knowledge are generously shared here for your benefit. Enjoy your visit!

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