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A Token of Our Appreciation

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This issue is a milestone – it marks the 3-year anniversary of Nature Photographers Online Magazine, which made its Internet debut in April of 2000. It also represents the 2-year anniversary of the Nature Photographers Network, whose membership makes it possible for this Internet publication to appear every month, for our forums and galleries to stay online, and for the level of excellence that we as an online community have become renowned for. So it seems fitting that in April of 2003, we launch a new initiative and offer a new regular feature, all as a way of saying “thanks!” to those who make our success possible.

NPN Membership Referral Program

We are pleased to announce our new NPN membership referral program. Through this program, all current NPN members will earn credit in the form of Gift Shoppe Dollars for every new member they refer to the Nature Photographers Network. Gift Shoppe Dollars can be saved and redeemed towards the purchase of any item in the NPN Gift Shoppe!

So how does it work? When you refer a fellow nature photographer to the Nature Photographers Network, the new member enters your name in the “referrer’s” field on the PayPal Link or on the NPN Membership Application/Renewal Form, links to which can be found on the NPN membership page. When we enter the new member in the NPN database, 5 Gift Shoppe Dollars are credited to the member listed as the referrer. The referring member is then sent an email indicating that they have been credited. As soon as the new member joins, they too become eligible to earn Gift Shoppe Dollars!

Redeeming your Gift Shoppe Dollars is easy! When you’re ready to make a purchase from the NPN Gift Shoppe, simply contact us via email with a list of the items you wish to purchase, and we will provide a special PayPal link with your Gift Shoppe Dollars credited towards the purchase.

NPN Member Profiles

We are also pleased to announce a new regular feature, dedicated entirely to the members of the Nature Photographers Network. Each month, we will select and feature a NPN member and their work in the new Member Profile! We are truly blessed to have such a huge pool of talent in the NPN membership ranks. These members not only inspire us with their work, but contribute their time and energy in the NPN forums and galleries, enriching everyone’s experience in the process. This month, we are honored to profile Cheryl Ertelt, NPN Member 256.


On behalf of Donna and the entire NPN staff, thank-you for your support, participation and for helping to make NPN the premier resource for nature photographers that it has become today. We hope you find these new benefits a worthy addition!

Editor’s Note – Special thanks to NPN member Mike Salzlechner ( for his time and effort in developing custom software for managing NPN membership and the new referral program.

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