The 2015 Editorís Pick Awards represent the "best of the best" of nature photography posted on the NPN website. As with the previous 13 years of this annual recognition of nature photography excellence, the process of selecting just 30 photos out of the thousands posted every year in the NPN image critique galleries is no small task.

The 2015 Winners

Hans Overduin - 1st Place, Avian Gallery
Sachin Rai - 1st Honorable Mention, Avian Gallery
Kurt Bowman - 2nd Honorable Mention, Avian Gallery

Mike Ramy - 1st Place, Environmental Photojournalism Gallery
Hisham Atallah - 1st Honorable Mention, Environmental Photojournalism Gallery
John Launstein - 2nd Honorable Mention, Environmental Photojournalism Gallery

Nathan Buck - 1st Place, Flora Gallery
Ken Smith - 1st Honorable Mention, Flora Gallery
Mark James Ford - 2nd Honorable Mention, Flora Gallery

Matt Anderson - 1st Place, Landscape Gallery
Jared Warren - 1st Honorable Mention, Landscape Gallery
Kory Lidstrom - 2nd Honorable Mention, Landscape Gallery

Gary Yeoh - 1st Place, Macro/Close-up Gallery
Howard Cheek - 1st Honorable Mention, Macro/Close-up Gallery
Yun Gao - 2nd Honorable Mention, Macro/Close-up Gallery

Vance Gese - 1st Place, Man & Nature Gallery
Gary Minish - 1st Honorable Mention, Man & Nature Gallery
Rob Graham - 2nd Honorable Mention, Man & Nature Gallery

Kate Silvia - 1st Place, Photo Art Gallery
Patricia Brundage - 1st Honorable Mention, Photo Art Gallery
Kathy Barnhart - 2nd Honorable Mention, Photo Art Gallery

Jim Gavin - 1st Place, People, Objects & Places Gallery
David Schoen - 1st Honorable Mention, People, Objects & Places Gallery
Jim DeWitt - 2nd Honorable Mention, People, Objects & Places Gallery

Giuseppe Guadagno - 1st Place, Weekly Challenge Gallery
Paul Breitkreuz - 1st Honorable Mention, Weekly Challenge Gallery
Dave Edwards - 2nd Honorable Mention, Weekly Challenge Gallery

Gorazd Golob - 1st Place, Wildlife Gallery
Morkel Erasmus - 1st Honorable Mention, Wildlife Gallery
Richard Olsen - 2nd Honorable Mention, Wildlife Gallery


  1. The person posting the photo must be a member of the Nature Photographers Network™ in order to have their photo initially selected as a Weekly Pick
  2. Their membership must be current at the time the moderators make their Editorís Pick Award selections at the end of the year
  3. NPN staff Ė as listed in the staff menu Ė are not eligible for the awards.

The Selection Process

Every week through mid-December, the NPN image critique gallery moderators select their favorite image of the week, which is then archived in the Weekly Pick Gallery. By the end of the year, 500 photos are archived - 50 from each gallery.

At yearís end (or more specifically, during the last few weeks of December), the moderators are then tasked with identifying their 5 favorite photos from the 50 they selected over the course of the year. These photos are then sent to me as the moderatorsí recommendations for an Editorís Pick Award.

The final process of selecting three photos from each gallery then falls to the NPN administration (Jim and Donna Erhardt). Here are the guidelines that are followed during this process:

  1. There can be no multiple winners in any year. This means that if photos from the same photographer are selected for different galleries, we must decide which photo will be designated the winner.
  2. We review all 500 weekly pick photos in the Weekly Pick gallery to see if any not on the moderatorís list stand out for consideration.
  3. Out of the 30 photos that make the final cut, we designate the first, second and third place winners for each gallery. If the moderators recommend any photos for first place, their suggestion carries plenty of weight in the final decision.
  4. Additional information on the Weekly Picks and yearly EPA can be found here.

Final Remarks

We wish to congratulate all members who had their photos selected as a Weekly Pick in 2015. With the level of talent posting on NPN, this is no small accomplishment!

Our sincere thanks to the NPN moderators for their tireless effort over the course of the year. Watching over their galleries, posting photos and comments, making the weekly picks and inspiring us with their own extraordinary nature photography, they are in very large part what makes NPN such a special place for all nature photographers.

Once again, our congratulations to this yearís winners and to the NPN moderators for the great job they do. Without further adieu, the 2015 NPN Editorís Pick Awards!


What They Won

First Place Winner -

1st Honorable Mention -

2nd Honorable Mention -