NPN Staff Profile - Jim Erhardt

Hello to all! I am the founder and creator of Nature Photographers Online Magazine, Inc. and the Nature Photographers Network™, which made its Internet debut in April of 2000.

As a long-time amateur photographer, I developed an interest in web site construction in 1999. During this time I participated in a number of online photo forums, but was never really satisfied with my experience. What irked me the most was the "flaming" and other unpleasant conduct that seemed to be endorsed by the owners of those sites. As my web page construction skills grew, I decided that it was time to create a new nature photography site that would combine the best of what the current sites offered while avoiding their short comings. This "new model" would include:

In January 2000 while perusing available domain names, I found the domain and immediately knew this would serve perfectly as the basis for the new site that I had envisioned. Over the next few months I used my rudimentary HTML skills and constructed the first NPN website. The first issue went live in April of 2000, which included articles by a group of photographers I knew locally and that I had met online in other photography forums. NPN has since grown into and remains the Internetís top-ranked nature photography resource with articles and participation by some of todayís most talented nature photographers. Today, NPN has a global audience of 100,000 unique visitors every month, generating approximately 2 million page views per month.

Beyond my interest in creating unique Internet resources, to this day I remain an avid amateur photographer in awe of the incredible nature photography being posted on NPN. I am humbled to be your host and will continue to strive to provide the best online experience possible to all nature photography enthusiasts. This is why NPN was created and will always remain it's mission.

Thank-you for visiting NPN - I look forward to your participation!

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