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Are you selling your editorial stock photos? If you are, you are probably doing something wrong. Sound odd? Let me explain.

Selling suggests that you have to convince someone to buy your product. For example, you knock on a door and sell the homeowner a broom, or a subscription to a magazine.

Selling is for salespersons. You are not a salesperson, you are an editorial stock photographer. You should not be selling your illustrations, you should be marketing them. There's a difference. A fellow who on a clear bright day stands on a corner in a downpour in May during rush hour with a carton box full of umbrellas is marketing. Even inferior umbrellas will 'sell' -if they're marketed correctly.

Many photographers don't understand this aspect of the business world. In fact, many businesspersons don't understand it. Very often, a company's marketing department is that in name only. It's really their sales department. Because they have super salespersons, they imagine they are fulfilling their marketing job. But they're doing it the hard way. Selling doesn't have to be hard-sell.

It happens naturally if you've done your marketing right. By discovering a need and positioning yourself wisely, you are "marketing." The "sale" becomes effortless.

Many business people believe if they have a good product, it will sell itself. The person who makes good lemonade and attempts to sell it in Alaska in February will be disappointed. Then is this the answer to sell it in Alabama in August? No, not if there are four other lemonade stands on the street corner.

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