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Only current members of the Nature Photographers Network™ can log in to post in the NPN forums and galleries.

Information on NPN membership can be found here or by using the Membership drop-down menu in the navigation bar above.

Trouble Logging In

To post photos, topics or comments in the NPN forums and galleries, or to access your Preferences screen or member-only forums, you must first log in.

Log-in links are found in any NPN Gallery or Forum in the navigation header.

When you are successfully logged in, the Log In/Register link will change to Log Out.

If you cannot log in (the Log In/Register link does not change to Log Out), try the following:

  1. Delete cookies from your browser
  2. Delete temporary Internet files from your browser
  3. Close the browser and then re-open it

Other issues that could cause log-in problems:

If all else fails:

Register Help

If you are a new member and have not yet registered to use the NPN website, use the Forum Registration button to do so. You will need the 14-digit membership number supplied in your Welcome email to complete the registration process. Information on NPN membership (and getting a membership number) can be found here.

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