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The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.     Thomas Jefferson

Donít be just a salesperson, be an educating salesperson. People enjoy learning new things. Educating them about you, your artwork, and the places that you photograph will make them see you as someone who is helpful and not just there to sell something.

After we started selling artwork at Grand Canyon National Park we bought several panoramic postcards of the Grand Canyon. These postcards showed the well-known locations and geological formations in the Grand Canyon. The name of each location was written on the postcards making the locations easy to identify and memorize. These locations included the Colorado River, the Inner Gorge, the Bright Angel Trail, the Kaibab Trail, Vishnu Temple, Isis Temple, Zoroaster Temple, OíNeil Butte, Havasu Falls and many more. By studying these postcards we memorized the name of each location and learned where they were located in the Grand Canyon. This was an inexpensive investment but over the years it returned its weight in gold.

Sunset from Yavapai Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona

This is my best selling photograph of Grand Canyon. My book (see below) tells the story of this photograph and explains why it played such an important role in my career.

My fine art photographs featured all of these locations. When customers showed interest for a specific photograph, we told them the name of the locations featured in that photograph. By doing so we helped our customers learn more about the Grand Canyon and we also educated them about the geology and the history of the Canyon. Often, this started an exchange between us and the customers. Customers were curious to find out how we knew so much about the Grand Canyon, how long we had lived there, what brought us there, and so on. Many of these customers ended up purchasing my artwork. They purchased it because the knowledge we shared with them created a bond between them and the photograph. The photograph was more than an image. It was a reminder of the time they spent at the Grand Canyon, of what they had seen and learned, and of our encounter.

Educating your customers and sharing your knowledge creates a bond between you and your clients. It enriches your customerís experience and it will often lead to a sale.

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