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Landscape Artistry
Ten Tips for Becoming a Better Landscape Artist

Text and photography copyright Guy Tal

5. Look In Every Direction

As we explore nature we tend to look ahead, keeping our heads level and a few feet above ground. Still, a wealth of beauty is there to be discovered by the mere act of tilting one's gaze up, down or sideways. An ordinary scene can become unusual and interesting when studied at a new angle or from a different perspective. Recognizable items can become abstract, parallel lines converge, and clutter may become uniform. Simple magic.

The Aspen Tops image is admittedly not an original idea. I have seen similar images by other photographers. What was interesting to me is how I came about it. I was exploring a grove of aspens on a cloudy day. The soft, diffused light was perfect for images in the woods. All of a sudden, the clouds cleared and the light became harsh and contrasty. At the time, I had my camera aimed at a nice cluster of aspen boles, ready to trip the shutter. I raised my head to see if more clouds were about to roll in, and voila!

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