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It has been an incredible year here at NPN. In every regard, NPN has matured and grown, and in the process, has become an even better resource for the nature photographer than we were just a year ago.

During 2002, we were fortunate to add some very talented authors to the NPN masthead. Along with the contributions of the rest of our staff, Niall Benvie, Geoff Simpson, Darwin Wiggett, Tim Grey, Dale Proctor and Tom Webster have helped to elevate the quality of our editorial to the equal of any printed publication. There’s no denying that 2002 was a truly banner year for the quality of articles found on the NPN website, and it seemed to get better with every passing month. In fact, November’s issue garnered more positive feedback from our readers than any of our previous issues – be sure to check out this month’s Letters to the Editor’s page!

Of course, the magazine section wasn’t the only part of NPN that has improved with age. In 2002, the image critique galleries were blessed with some of the most extraordinary nature photography most of us have ever witnessed. Some have said the quality of imagery found there surpasses what can be found on any other website or in any printed publication. Some have even suggested that many of the images found in the Editor’s Picks gallery are better than the images that have won some of the world’s most renowned nature photography competitions. I suspect that there would be few of us who would dispute that.

Along with the growth in quality of editorial in the magazine section and the extraordinary display of nature imagery in the image critique galleries, NPN has grown into a truly professional online community. Our members and readers have demonstrated the utmost in courtesy, compassion and willingness to help fellow community members in time of need. In 2002, they proved beyond doubt that an Internet community can equal the utility of any formal organization.

With the contributions of our staff, members and readers, NPN has blossomed into something special, something I am honored to be part of. I have no doubt that 2003 will bring more of the same.

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