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About This Series of Essays

This series of essays features real-life experiences that Alain and Natalie Briot had while selling Alainís fine art photographs. Each story exemplifies a specific aspect of the buying and selling process.

The goal of these stories is to show you how fine art photographs are sold and what happens when they do. The goal is also to demonstrate some of the most important aspects of marketing and salesmanship. To this end each story focuses on a specific aspect of the selling process.

This is the second story in this series. You can read the first story at this link.

Story 2 - Nobody is Too Young to Buy Art

Honesty is the most single most important factor having a direct bearing on the final success of an individual, corporation, or product.    Ed McMahon

Prequalifying potential customers on their looks, their age or some other visual attribute is a huge mistake.

Natalie (my wife) and I were on the North porch of the El Tovar at Grand Canyon National Park, where we sold my work for 7 years, when a young girl stopped by to look at my photographs of Grand Canyon.

Moebius Arch, Eastern Sierra Nevada

We said "hi" to the girl who looked about twelve years of age. "I just love your photos" she said to me while she was looking carefully through one of our bins of matted photographs.

"Thank you, where are your parents?" we asked.

"Oh they are upstairs unpacking and they let me come down to look at the artwork" the girl said.

"What is your name, we asked?"

"Missy" she answered. We talked with Missy for a while, showed her images of sunrise and sunset taken from the El Tovar overlook in front of the hotel, and then she left.

Later that day she came back with her parents. Her father walked over to the other side of the porch where another photographer was selling his work and chatted with him for quite awhile.

The young girl stayed on our side of the porch, waiting for her father to come over. Since he wasnít coming over she eventually went to the other side herself and brought her father over to where we were.

"This is the artist I was telling you about" she told her dad. She then began to show him her favorite images of Grand Canyon, explaining to him what we had told her previously about where the photographs were taken from.

Her father smiled at us and said "Hi, nice to meet you. My daughter really wanted me to come down and see your work. At first I thought you were on the other side of the porch. Thatís why I was talking to the other artist. I am glad my daughter came to get me because I want to buy several photographs from you, not from the other artist!" He then showed us which ones photographs wanted. When his selection was complete he had selected five 16" x 20" framed photographs. As he was paying us he said, "the reason why I am buying from you is because you were so nice to my daughter and because she really likes your work."

This was a very nice sale, one we could have lost if we had dismissed Missy on the basis of her age. You never want to qualify a customer from visual clues alone. Talking to people and asking questions is the only reliable way of qualifying a customer. Just because they are children does not mean that they are not customers.<>/P>

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