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Nature Photography Book Reviews

by Paul W. Faust. All rights reserved.

Other Realities by Jerry Uelsmann

This is another one of Jerry Uelsmann’s collections of fine art photo montages and special effects. A true master of the multiple printing process who has influenced generations of photographers, and one of the few who has not abandoned the darkroom for the easier tools found on a computer. For those who know Uelsmann’s work, they will be happy to find another published collection in this book. For those who do not know his work, they will be in for a real treat, and probably an awakening as to what can be done by skilled darkroom hands.

This hardback book is a large12x12 inch, with 112 pages and retails for US-$50.00. Distributed by BULFINCH Press at         I Rate it:       A++

Getting Color Right by Walker and Barstow

This book is a complete guide to color correction for professional needs. If you want to manage your color needs correctly, and do it every time, then this is the how-to book to get. No matter what your needs are, from normal color correction of your images, to the best-finished output, this book is packed with info on how to do it. When you compare how your color images normally look, and how they will look after you do it the right way, you will be so happy you got this new book.

This soft cover book is about 8x9 inch, with 192 pages, and is distributed by Thomson Course ( in the US, and by iLEX Press ( in the UK. Check one of their web sites for the current price.         I Rate it:       A+

One Hundred Seashells by Harold Feinstein

This is a collection of the most beautiful seashell images, from all over the world, that I have ever seen published in one book. All you have to do is take one look at the cover and you will know what the rest of the book looks like inside. Many shells are familiar, while others look more like glass sculptures, and then there are those that are photographed in a fine art style. If you buy this one for a gift, you’d better buy two of them because after you see it you will not want to give it away.

This hardback book is about 11x13 inch, with 144 pages and retails for only US-$50. Distributed by BULFINCH Press at        I Rate it:       A++

Digital Abstract & Macro Photography by Ken Milburn

Here is one of the best how-to special effects books I have seen, and it is also for digital photography. This is a step-by-step instruction book on how to turn your regular, and even poor images, into great special effects images. Each lessons tells you what steps to take, but it does not give any Photoshop settings used, probably because the book is for intermediate to advanced users who should already know how to use each tool and adjust the settings they’d need. I found this to be a great ideas book, plus the information to make them work, and filled with great illustrations.

The book is a soft cover, 8.5x11 inches, with 289 pages and retails for US-$34.99. It is published by Course Technology and can be ordered from         I Rate it:       A++

Return To Titanic: A New Look at the World’s Most Famous Lost Ship by Robert D. Ballard and Michael Sweeney

The story of the sinking of the Titanic never seems to grow old as the ship itself does laying on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Some day all that will be left of the Titanic will be its brass propellers, but with this new book that covers both its history, sinking and re-discovery, you will always be able to see what it was like. There have been several movies of its discovery by Ballard, but this new book contains a lot of images and information that was not in any of them, about how he was able to find it again. This book will make for many days of very interesting reading for everyone.

This hardback book is over 8x9 inches, with 192 pages and retails for US-$30. and if a local bookstore does not have a copy you can order it from the NG web site at         I Rate it:       A

SAFARI by Patrick De Wilde

Here is a great collection of images from the African bush. This new book is filled with super quality images surpassed only by the super quality of the printing of them. Images from close ups of a lions head where you can almost count the hairs, to full two-page spreads of a giant heard of buffalo, you will want this book right on your home coffee table. Many, if not most of the images are about the best I have ever seen, but when it comes to the text part of this book, there is a lot to be desired, and that is due to the fact that so much of it is too small. In fact, some of the captions are so small I had to use a magnifier to read it. A pity for a book that is otherwise one of the best I have ever reviewed (it will still go on my coffee table though).

This hardback book is about 10x12 inch, with 223 pages and retails for US-$50.00. Distributed by Rizzoli at         I Rate it:       A++

Create Your Own Photo Blog by Catherine Jamieson

First came information web sites, and then business web sites, and on to personal sites, many of which were designed to showcase photographer’s images they had for sale. Many of those were created as photo portfolios to promote their work. Now the new kid on the block is “blogs” which can also be used for photographers to present their works. Even if you already have your own web site, but would like to add to it with a sister blog site, this new book will show you how to do just that. This award winning blog author gives you all of the tools to create your own pro site in this easy to follow guide that takes you from design to promoting the finished site.

This soft cover book is about 7x9 inches, with 301 pages, retails for US-$24.99 - and is published by Sybex, an imprint of Wiley at         I Rate it:       A

Photoshop CS/CS2 Breakthroughs by David Blatner & Conrad Chavez

For all Photoshop users, here is a new book that shows you that the most obvious things about Photoshop are not always all that obvious, so this “how-to solve problems” book answers them for you. The most common questions about Photoshop do not always come from beginners either, so even the advanced Photoshop user will find what they need in its fairly easy to follow, step by step instructions. This will be another one of those books that will usually be found right near the work area for easy access when needed.

This soft cover book is about 7x10 inches, with 254 pages, retails for US-$24.99 – and is distributed by Peach Pit Press at .         I Rate it:       A

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