Defining NPN
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After 15 years of Internet evolution since the founding of NPN, I thought I would make a list of what continues to define NPN: specifically, what it is - and perhaps more importantly in todayís cyberspace - what it is not.

Letís start with the list of what NPN most certainly is;

The list above paints a pretty good picture of what NPN is. But on todayís Internet, listing what NPN is not defines it even better.

NPN is not;

Looking at the "what itís not list" above, itís almost incomprehensible that the entire list accurately describes social media (especially FB) and to a somewhat lesser degree, a popular VC-funded photo site. Call me old fashion or out-of-touch, but in my opinion NPN remains a true jewel in the rough of todayís impersonal, big-business and big-profit Internet.

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