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I have been using OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite for a some time, and just now was able to make the time to check out the new version 8. I have seen many images done with the new PhotoSuite 8, but I did not realize just how much more powerful this program has become over the last version. PhotoSuite 8 has become more powerful than ever and with OnOne Software’s tutorials even easier to learn with a whole collection to learn from. (OnOne University has over 100 tutorials, and they are ALL free.) You will never have a problem learning this great imaging software.

PhotoSuite 8 comes with Nine modules in which you do all of the work. These modules can be bought as individual programs, but I suggest getting the whole Premium package and save. I am sure that you will be using just about every one of them. The modules include, BROWSE, EFFECTS, ENHANCE, LAYERS, MASK, PORTRAIT, B&W, BATCH, and RESIZE. The selections appear at top-right of the work window;

Illustration 1

The BROWSE module will be the first one most people will use. It allows you to find any of your image files no matter where they are located, if in one of your hard drive folders or somewhere on one of the online service storage bases, and they don’t even have to be in a catalog. The ENHANCE module would be the next tool to clean up and make the needed adjustments to your image. This tool works on the colors & white balance, retouch and erase unwanted objects, and sharpens. See Illustration 2 (below) for what an image may look like coming in from a RAW file and Illustration 1 for how it can be improved.

Illustration 2

Adding specific improvements to an image will usually all be done in the EFFECTS and the LAYERS modules. The EFFECT module is probably the one you will use the most (I do) and it comes with a whole group of 23 presets that you can pick from, and then refine those as needed with the option tools on the right side of the window. You can also create and save your own presets for later use. When opened you get a preset group on the left of the image window (Illustration 3) and as you pick on an effect it opens a group of selections with each effect being applied as you pick it. Above the effects option tools (right side) is another box that includes a histogram display with selectors to show any "clipping" of both the highlight and shadow areas - very handy to have;

Illustration 3

For the MASK module you get another powerful window of tools that allows you to paint in (or out) any area you want to make a mask of, by selecting either an image area, or a selected color. There are also brushes to keep or drop colors, and a refine brush, and a color spill brush for when you are about done. This mask tool can select and mask out the finest of details like hair strands.

One of my other favorite modules is the B&W because I love converting many of my color images into fine art B&W images to print & sell, and this module does a “SUPER” job of that. You can duplicate the look of film and darkroom images and control the tone and even dodge & burn areas. I especially like the “Color Response” box because it works just like B&W film would react when you use different color filters on the lens, like in the "old" days. I am going to be getting a LOT of use out of this module for sure.

The PORTRAIT module is new and studio photographers will use it a lot to smooth skin, remove blemished, fix red-eye, color correct skin tones. Portraits is one area I do not get into anymore so I have not checked out this module.

The RESIZE module is the old Genuine Fractals resizing plug-in from the past, but souped up big time. You can not only fill in the size box, but you also get a selection of printing papers for it to conform to. I use this tool a lot to up-size my gallery sales images and it is very easy to learn and use (and larger image files means larger print sales). There are a lot more features and goodies with PerfectPhotoSuite 8 than what I can cover in this small review, so check it out. You will not be sorry.

Illustration 4

The last image here is a great example of what this program can do with old, aged, and weathered subjects which I shoot a lot of. By increasing the “detail” slider in the ENHANCE module you get a great looking textured image of the way old wood looks and feels. It makes it really pop off the page when you see a large print made from these image files.

Photo Suite 8 comes in three editions, Standard, Lightroom & Aperture, and the Premium edition, which Works with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Aperture, and as a standalone application. Photo Suite 8 Premium is one super package of tools that any photographer will get a lot of use out of no matter what they shoot. (I shoot all kinds of subjects and I get a whole lot of use out of it) It will improve your images and increase your profits from whatever work you do. The Photo Suite 8 Premium Edition retails for just $149.95 - an upgrade is $89.95 and can be ordered from

Readers Note - I obtained an extra license for a free copy of the Perfect Photo Suite 8 to use as a prize for one of our NPN readers. The contest is very simple and is entered by e-mail. Go to my blog site listed below for details to enter.

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