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You Say You Want a Revolution, or, Vanity, Thy Name Is Indigo
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Some personal books projects (to be sold as signed, number limited editions in galleries) printed at is my budget-conscious alternative to Their reproduction quality is not up to SI standards but is on par with or better than most others in my testing (as is are their binding, materials, and paper). uses a die-cut on the cover to reveal a photo on the first page of the book - a technique that almost all other custom photo book printers use as well. customer support has also been very responsive to questions and inquiries.

Word of Caution -, by default, applies an “effect” called VividPics to all photos, which resulted in some very unsatisfactory color/density reproduction of my photos. Fortunately, this effect, which works in the background (and, IMO, without obvious warning), can be disabled by the user. Be sure to turn this effect off for accurate color reproduction.

It should be noted that immediately, and without hassle or charge, reprinted the book that was printed with VividPics turned on.

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