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A Photographer's Guide to Web Site Design

Jan Allinder is not only a gifted nature photographer, but she is also an expert website designer and webmaster, with a client list that includes Moose Peterson and Jerry and Barbara Jividen. Jan’s website, Lucid Images Wildlife Photography has always been a terrific resource of tips on website design.

Jan has now released an in-depth “e-book” on the topic of website design for the nature photographer. The new resource, A Photographers Guide to Web Site Design, takes all of Jan’s tips, tutorials and web site design expertise and presents it in one very user-friendly package.

The new e-book covers all aspects of web site construction, from design to implementation. The package also includes web page templates, a selection of cascading style sheets and 38 minutes of instructional videos that play on your PC. Though no HTML knowledge is required, those who use this e-book should possess the usual list of basic PC skills and have an understanding of their image editing software. Additionally, users should know how to use their word processing, text editor, web design and FTP programs.

For any photographer who wishes to learn how to build a first-class web site to showcase their work, A Photographers Guide to Web Site Design is highly recommended. Priced at just $29.95, this resource could be one of the best investments an Internet-savvy photographer could make.

Full details and ordering information can be found at

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