NPN Staff Profile - Preston Birdwell
Site Administrator & Moderator

During the course of years, the focus of my work continues to be the Sierra and its environs, in their many moods. I use digital and large format film cameras to record my impressions of this vast and varied mountain range for my personal enjoyment and that of others.

Underlying my desire to create photographs that celebrate this "Range of Light" is a deep and abiding love for the natural world and all its creatures. Through my photographs I gratefully share this love and appreciation.

I received awards for my work at the Tuolumne County Fair, the Columbia College-All Student-Juried Art Show, and more recently, Editorís Picks in the Nature Photographers Network On-Line Magazine. My work has been published in the Tuolumne County Magazine and a US Forest Service publication.

I have made my home in the Sierra foothills, in the town of Columbia, for over forty years. I am currently retired and continue to pursue photography.

Please visit my website at Sierra Nevada Photography-The Gilded Moon.

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