NPN Staff Profile - Nate Chappell
Avian Gallery Moderator

Hi everyone, I'm Nate Chappell, an Avian Gallery moderator for Naturephotographers Online Magazine.

From a very early age I was fascinated with wildlife and birds. In my early 20s I started doing a lot of traveling and combined it with a passion for birdwatching and photography. My photography and birdwatching trips have taken me to every continent, except Antarctica. On one of my trips I met my wife Angie, while traveling in Ecuador. We continued doing a lot of traveling and wildlife photography and 6 years ago decided to start leading people on nature photo tours to Ecuador, Thailand and other great locations. It seemed a natural extension of our love for both travel and wildlife photography. We have since started doing a lot of bird photography workshops in the Pacific Northwest and Texas where we relocated in 2012. Our website for our tours and workshops is

I am represented by 2 leading stock and news agencies and my photography is regularly featured in print and online media. My images have been featured in the NANPA Showcase Photo contest each of the past 4 years. I enjoy doing digital photography presentations for Audubon societies and photo clubs.

My approach to wildlife photography is to understand the natural habits and natural history of my subjects in order to make compelling action and behavioral shots. Images that not only show the beauty of the species but give viewers some insight into the birds or animals behavior. I prefer photographing with natural light but I am also an expert at using flash for bird photography including multi-flash photography for hummingbirds. On our workshops we emphasize techniques which help nature photographers improve their in field capture and allow them to focus on capturing action shots. Having taught not only photography but also previously tennis and accounting I understand not only photography but also teaching.

I have learned a great deal about nature photography here on NPN and continue to learn from many of the fine photographers here. I'm enjoying being a moderator and hope that I can pass on some of my knowledge to the avian gallery participants. I invite you to email me with any nature photography or nature travel questions that you may have.

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