NPN Staff Profile - Kent Staubus
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I've lived on the Northern Plains all my life, and travel them daily on my job. I come across a variety of things as I drive and started photography 25 years ago as the way to show my wife what I saw. She bought me my first camera shortly after we were married. She had no idea what she started! Over the years I've used all kinds of cameras and lenses. Currently I've been playing with historical camera gear going back to the 1850s. I've come to think that any camera & lens can be used to take interesting images. Really, it's all up to the creativity of the user. My specialties, if I have any, are taking photos at night and in winter. For me, photography is all about Light--seeing it, evaluating it, and using it well. Everything else is secondary to the Light.

I live in Sioux Falls, SD with my wife, two older sons, and Annie the cat. I very much enjoy life and the opportunities I have here.

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