NPN Staff Profile - Keith Bauer
Avian Gallery Moderator & Mentor

Hello. Iím Keith Bauer, one of the co-moderators of the Avian Gallery for NaturePhotographers Online Magazine and a NPN Mentor.

My passion for photography started in high school when I saw my first black and white print appear in the chemical tray in the darkroom. What a cool thing that was. While the technology of photography has changed since that time, the challenge of presenting an image painted with light has not.

My wife and I have been in New Mexico for the past 22 years. Since Bosque Del Apache is only about ninety minutes from home, I have the opportunity to visit there regularly. The Bosque has certainly had an impact on my Avian photography. It was where I was able to capture the image that ended up being selected as the Avian image of the year right here on NPN back in 2006. That was certainly an honor given the high caliber of images submitted on this site. I am also part of a team that teaches photography and digital post processing at Bosque Del Apache during the annual Festival of the Cranes.

As a part of my desire to give back to the photo communities that I participate in, Iíve been active as a judge in photography for the New Mexico State Fair for the past 7 years. Iím an active member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, the North American Nature Photographers Association and of course NPN.

Iíve been pleased to have images selected for the NANPA Expressions showcase the past couple of years. I also have a significant number of images in the iPhone App, iBird Explorer Pro.

I enjoy learning from other photographers work and hope Iím able to share my experience with you through the Avian gallery. I like to share my knowledge of photography with others and am active teaching digital post processing, one of my passions and one where Iím a recognized expert.

Mentoring Services

I offer mentoring / teaching on digital post processing. I have a series of courses prepared, or am able to work with clients individually to take on specific areas. The mentoring can be done "long distance" over the web using screen sharing technology. While I am a Mac user, I am able to work with clients on either Windows or Mac Platforms and I am fluent on both systems.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions that I can help answer.

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