NPN Staff Profile - Guy Tal
Contributing Editor

I am a naturalist, photographer, and writer, residing in the scenic state of Utah. From an early age I always had a fascination with the natural world, which I've been studying and exploring passionately as far back as I can remember. As I grew older I became progressively more concerned with urbanization and industrialization. It was clear to me that not everyone had the knowledge of what was being lost in the process. I wanted a way, a voice, to tell people about the other side about experiences they may never have and may not know were even possible, about the beauty, the magic, and the life that may be lost forever without them ever having seen or even known it.

At the same time I didn't want to be the angry activist, or the doomsday prophet. I didn't want to protest or demonstrate or antagonize. Coming at it from a negative perspective seemed to breed as much backlash as awareness and doesn't quite seem to fit with the delicate spiritual beauty and complexity I wanted to convey.

Photography gives me the alternative. It allows me, without confrontation, to tell stories and to share some of the beauty, the complexity, the fragility, and the inspiration I find. It allows me to communicate a subtle message to anyone of any faith and of any political persuasion without ruffling feathers and without putting them on the defensive. It lets me create and present something that almost anyone could see some value in.

My work has been featured in numerous publications, including Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, PhotoLife, Digital Photographer (UK), PhotoPlus, and of course Nature Photographers Online Magazine.

You can see more of my work and purchase my fine-art prints at

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