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NPN Staff Profile - David Bostedo
Digital Imaging Forum Moderator

I grew up in Pittsburgh and didn't have too much interest in photography. I did get a little Kodak 110 as a kid, with the cartridge film - and I took a lot of photos, many with my finger prominently in the frame. So my success as a kid was pretty limited.

After that I never owned a camera until I booked a trip to South Africa in 2006. My goal was to simply get a couple of pics I thought were worth framing. But I found I really enjoyed the whole process and really got into digital. Without the immediate feedback, I doubt I would have attempted, much less enjoyed, photography.

Since then, I've learned everything I can about photography and NPN became a big part of that - probably the biggest. Nothing beats looking at photos and thinking about them to really figure out what you like and why, and how you can better spend time spent shooting.

My day job is as computer engineer designing chips, so I guess I'm sort of naturally drawn to digital and understanding how things work. As the moderator of NPN's Digital Imaging forum, I hope to help others have as much fun with digital photography as I do.

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