NPN Staff Profile - Bill Chambers
Landscape Gallery Moderator

For me, nature photography started simply as a way to record my adventures and trips so I could remember and revisit them for years to come.  What started as an afterthought gradually evolved into a consuming passion.

I am very fortunate in that my dad was an avid outdoorsman, and he passed down his love for the outdoors to my brothers and me.  I vividly remember quail hunting with my dad when I was young, trudging along trying to keep up through thick cover on a freezing day, and still have great memories of bream fishing with my grandparents and enjoying with them that special time in late afternoon when everything grew still and quiet right before the crickets and frogs erupted into their beautiful night song.

Those days are gone forever now, but I can never thank my parents and grandparents enough for the gifts and experiences I had while growing up. I can think of no better repayment than by passing those same gifts to my children, and by sharing the outdoors I love and cherish so much with others through nature photography. I shoot what pleases me, in a style that's comfortable for me. Fortunately, I've received much positive feedback and encouragement, including eleven Editor's Picks awards from the Nature Photographer's Network. This was especially exciting and fulfilling because these picks came from fellow nature photographers.

You can view my personal website at If you are in the Pensacola area, please stop by Quayside Gallery to view my images in person.

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