NPN Staff Profile - Abdullaziz Abdullah Bin Ali
Landscape Gallery Moderator

Abdullaziz Abdullah Bin Ali is a young Emarati photographer who would not hesitate to search for places of matchless natural beauty. His phrase in life is let your life talk.

His Artistic Talent and his abilities to embrace several different aspects of photography were known since his childhood. Nature is what drew him to photography. His passion for photographing the beauty of nature is immersed in his heart since his childhood. Sunrise to sunset with its stunning light, the variety of topography and the unpredictable weather all compel him to start a new adventure and to explore different environments all over the world.

His love of nature photography grew as he spent time hiking and backpacking in the surrounding areas and around the world. Bin Ali is interested at all different aspects of photography. However, he finds himself more in nature photography. He was one of the founders of Emirates Photography Society. Abdullaziz had a title of youngest president of the societies in his region where he headed the Emirates Photography Society at the age of 22 years.

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