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Using Reflectors and Diffusers for Macro Photography
Text and photography copyright © Jim Erhardt. All rights reserved.
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The use of a diffuser to soften the harsh sunlight in combination with a reflector to bounce some light in from the opposite direction resulted in a very pleasing photo. However, I decided that I wanted the flower to stand out better from the background so I repositioned the camera relative to the subject to make use of a background that was in complete shade. I also stopped down a bit further to f/11 to add a little more depth of field.

This image was taken at f/11 at 1/25th of a second.

View original photo in new window.

With a good, workable image captured, I imported the file into Photoshop. After cleaning up the background, adjusting levels, cropping from top and bottom and applying sharpening, I had a finished product ready for display.

Proceed to Photo 7 - the final rendition!

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