"Just a short note to thank you once again for providing such a wonderful resource. NPN is, without a doubt, the best learning and sharing resource on the web today. Not only has my photography improved dramatically since becoming a member, the friendships and other more general photographic knowledge gained has been tremendous."

Bill Chambers, NPN 1837

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"NPN is the best website I have found over internet. Nowhere will you find people so down-to-earth, helpful, and friendly. Speaking of talent, just have a look at any gallery, I am sure the moderators must be having a headache over the choice of Editors Pick every week. I'm sure if a book of these picks is ever pubished it will give the best in business run for their money. This does not end here. The ideas, tips exchanged on different forums and the articles written by talented writers make this one great place for nature photographers. I found NPN via google in 2001 and it is still the first website I visit after checking my emails."

Prashan Teju Khapane, NPN 1440

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"NPN is my primary photographic web site. While the quality of the photography is impressive, even more important to me is the feeling that I'm in a circle of close friends with a singular solidifying interest. I visit multiple times daily when I have internet access."

Mike Krehbiel, NPN 0951

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"NPN is a place that welcomes all photographers and provides a forum for photography and nature-lovers to discuss topics and meet in the field. Unlike other photography sites, courtesy and professional feedback is strongly encouraged. There are always a wide range of opinions, but personal attacks are frowned upon, which is a big plus in my book.

"I honestly believe that NPN has the most innovate bunch of nature photographers on the planet. Some members are well-known professionals, others are devoted amateurs, and others are beginners but we all share a common bond. If NPN were to make a line of regional and subject-based annual calendars, it would probably dominate the market."

Richard Wong, NPN 2298

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"This resource is worth much more than the cost. By getting input from others here, I have not only saved a lot of money, but made the right purchase of equipment the first time. And even more valuable is the information gained over the years here at NPN. We have an exceptional group of folks here. I will be highly recommending NPN to my workshop customers. I hope that they take advantage of the best thing I've found in photography since the camera!"

Jack Graham, NPN 0469

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"I have been interested in photography for years, but I had not been as active with it at the time that I found NPN. I had been searching somewhat for a hobby, and once I found NPN I was back into photography in high gear. NPN quickly hooked me; the people are first rate; the discussion forums were engaging; and I learned by leaps and bounds by providing critiques on images. Once I was comfortable I began posting images and have been able to learn even more. The regional forums also provide a great way to meet other photographers in your area. NPN has not necessarily been a life saver, but it sure has been a life enhancer!"

Nathan Buck, NPN 1118

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"I have been a member of NPN since about October 2003. Without a doubt I feel it has been the best investment in photography I have made. Through reading the articles and posted topics I have learned how to best utilize my equipment. I have learned how to evaluate what is the best equipment for my needs and have learned how to use PhotoShop to best advantage.

"By posting my own images and receiving constructive critiques I have learned how to improve my images. My friends and family are amazed at the improvement in my photography.

"In short, I tell everyone I can that by participating in NPN I have essentially been taking a graduate course in photography. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in high level nature photography."

Dr. Edward V. Cordes, NPN 1106

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"I have been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. But I have learned that you donít have to be 'a professional' to be professional. Many of the amateurs have the same skills and knowledge to share as the pros and are more willing to share that knowledge. The Nature Photographers Online Forum is the most sharing group of photographers I have ever seen."

Steve Vaughan, NPN 1659

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"As a longterm member NPN has been a major source of inspiration over the years. I joined NPN back in 2001 when I was one of first members of this online community. At that time I had no clue how to handle a camera. I was able to share my work with others and due to the useful comments I received and the questions I asked, my work started to improve rapidly. Through NPN I met other members and they were able to teach me all the fieldcrafts I needed. In 2004 one of my images was awarded by NPN with the Editors Pick of the Year and this was when I realised the portfolio I had was marketable. Nowadays my photographs have been published by several national and international clients. I'm now working as a freelance nature photographer specialized in wildlife, and all thanks to this wonderful community."

Jasper Doest, NPN 0061

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