The First Annual NPN Membership Drive

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I donít know about the rest of you but those public television "membership drives" drive me nuts. Sure, I appreciate the lack of commercial interruption while viewing a program, but Iím not sure having to listen to pleas for money is much better. Besides, whoís interested in all of the lame gifts (cloth grocery shopping bags, coffee mugs, etc.) you get for "joining now!"

Which leads me to a bit of trepidation about having a NPN membership drive. Like public TV, we keep the NPN site pretty clear of annoying commercial advertisement. People write to us regularly telling us how much they appreciate that. We have to agree, landing on a home page polluted with ads for camera gear, workshops, etc. is just as annoying as watching some (mostly) bald guy with a pony tail selling gaudy furniture on TV.

Like many others, we think NPN is a good thing just as it is and we plan on keeping it that way. At the same time, we want to get the word out to like-minded folks about the good thing we have here and that they may be interested in joining us. So, we embark on our first annual NPN membership drive - here is how it works;

A few caveats;

The winner will be announced in the December edition. Like one of those famous national contests, Donna and I will show up unexpectedly at your front door with a huge copy of the gift card and the local media to deliver your prize (on second thought, maybe that would be a bit too much...).

A few tips to maximize your chance of winning;

OK, so what are you waiting for? Good luck, have some fun with this and start thinking about how youíll spent the $500 gift card (which the winner will receive by December 15)!

Comments on NPN nature photography articles? Send them to the editor. NPN members may also log in and leave their comments below.

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