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Colorado and the West offer some of the most spectacular scenery in the world for landscape photography. Millions of photographs are taken here every year. Unfortunately for most photographers, the images they take donít live up to their expectations, or look anything like the postcard images that adorn retail racks. Often, for more advanced photographers, the problem is simple ó they do not have adequate time to discover the best shooting locations of an area. For others, gaining an understanding of proper composition, exposure and metering must be tackled first in order to consistently capture quality images.

Rocky Mountain Reflections Photography Workshops are designed to assist all skill levels from beginners to advanced. Our photographers offer expert technical and compositional instruction according to the needs of each individual. We visit some of the most photogenic locations in the West, creating diverse opportunities for participants to capture breathtaking photographs.

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2001 Schedule

June 16-19 Summer in the Tetons, Grand Teton National Park, WY

"What mountains are supposed to look like" Teddy Roosevelt. The Tetons are astounding. We beat the summer crowds and enjoy the flavor of Jackson, Wy. $545*

July 7-8 Weekend Workshop, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

For novice and intermediate photographers. Join us as we photograph snow-capped peaks, mountain lakes, waterfalls and flowers in Coloradoís premier national park. $195*

July 21-22 Wildflowers, Crested Butte, CO

Every July the area around Crested Butte bursts into color as expansive fields of wildflowers blossom in the mountain summer. $275*

July 24-25 Wildflowers, Ouray, CO

Does the name "Yankee Boy Basin" sound familiar. It may because it has the reputation of being the best wildflower location in Colorado. $275*

Combine the Crested Butte and Ouray workshops for $495*.

August 8-10 Summer in the Rockies, Rocky Mountain Natíl Park, CO

Explore Colorado's premier national park and photograph many spectacular mountain scenes, lakes, streams, and waterfalls. This workshop is geared for the intermediate to advanced photographer seeking to shoot the best locations of the area. $439*

August 21-24 Hiking the Rockies, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Get away from the crowds with this workshop and photograph many of the hidden jewels tucked inside Colorado's premier national park. This workshop involves extensive hiking (5 to 10 miles per day) and is intended for serious hikers only. $495*

September 8-9 Weekend Workshop, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

For novice and intermediate photographers. Join us as we photograph mountains, lakes, waterfalls and possibly elk in Coloradoís premier national park. $195*

October 5-7 Fall in the Rockies, San Juan Mountains, Ouray, CO

We will photograph in an area of Colorado that is known for having enormous aspen forests and breathtaking mountains. $439*

*Workshop fees do not include transportation, lodging or meals.

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